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W D Designs

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***MADE IN NZ***

This is a base lit LED sign with a charcoal timber base. The engraved acrylic sign slots into the base and the 12V LED strip inside shines up thru the engraved 6mm Acrylic to light it up. The writing etc is coloured not the background.Sorry don't seem to be having much success with the photos in getting them to shine up as they should.

These are a multi coloured sign and comes with a RF Wireless Remote with which you can control the brightness, your choice of 20 colours and if you would like them to flash.

The base size is 30mm high, 60mm deep and 310mm wide.

The Acrylic sign size is 250mm wide and the height 200mm.

POWER SOURCE – 12V 1A DC plug with a 900mm cord.

Will be shipped within 2-5 days.

Shipping $6.50 in New Zealand only.

These items are completely designed and made by myself and are not an official sign.

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